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Mac build r2639

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My 'puter turtled after deleting a movie: slowed to a crawl and hid dT behind the thinkin' ball for over 5 minutes.

Relevant console dumps:



 23/12/09 8:52:26 PM [0x0-0x4e84e8].com.doubleTwist.desktop[30105] 2009-12-23 20:52:26.235 movietool[30117:10b] Unable to create QTMovie from file://localhost/Users/pillowfort/Movies/star_trek_-_enterprise/star_trek_enterprise_-_season_4_ep_07_-_the_forge.avi
23/12/09 9:02:30 PM doubleTwist[30105] unlockFocus called too many time.
23/12/09 9:31:08 PM [0x0-0x4e84e8].com.doubleTwist.desktop[30105] 2009-12-23 21:31:08.232 movietool[30126:10b] Unable to create QTMovie from file://localhost/Users/pillowfort/Movies/star_trek_-_enterprise/star_trek_enterprise_-_season_1_ep_15_-_sleeping_dogs.mpg

I sampled the main dT program twice:

There were 2 'movietool' processes, also hanging:

20 minutes after dT recovered, one of the movietool processes was still hanging:

It should be noted that iTunes was running the whole time. It could have been reindexing/verifying its library at the same time, but I doubt it (Does it even do that?), as it has been running for a few days.

your brain:
your brain, on drugs:


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