Carbon nanotubes : more important than the move from valves to semiconductors?

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JVC certainly does use Carbon Nano Tube also for marketing - proudly and justly so. Butt it is NOT just a snake oil term//buzzword  used in order to sell better - CNT used for the diahragm in HA-S500 is a genuine technological braktrough, one that would cost you dearly in the not so distant past. Let's simply be grateful JVC decided not to put an exhorbitant price tag on it ( they could have chosen to do so and still get away with it, given the SQ ) and - enjoy.



I do not see HA-S500 as competition for rivals priced 2-3 times their price, but far higher. Despite all teething troubles - just look at the earpad blues going on like forever on this thread -  that driver is simply unheard of at the price and can hold its own practically against anything, regardless of price.  Will see/hear what this driver can do in the new HA-S770s - can't wait.