Mission M74i tower speakers

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Mission M74i tower speakers

I own a set of Mission M74i tower speakers. Just today while listening to some 2 channel music, i noticed that one of the speakers sounded kind of dull. I played music from various sources and even checked all the wiring. Even after this, the right speaker just didnt have the same sound. The power seems the same... and from what I can tell, the bass is the same. (Im not 100% sure about that.) But... vocals are lifeless. The other speaker sounds great. So... I switched them.... and now the left speaker is dull... so i ruled out a wiring or amp problem as the good one remained good... and the bad etc.. Any thoughts on this? Also, Im not convinced that this is a new problem... its possible that I just did not notice before,?!!? I can't see how that can be, but maybe. I didnt use them the last few months as i was traveling.
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Re: Mission M74i tower speakers

Try to move the speakers to a location where there is not as many electrical lines.  This can cause feedback.



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